Saturday, January 23, 2016

Yet Another New Look

Hey guys,

I've updated the header! The last one had pictures from 2013, and I felt that it needed a fresh look. I also added a new symbol to the header, the SSR symbol from Marvel, more specifically Agent Carter. Yes, Miss Ruthie will be Miss Carter's niece, so she'll be my little Agent Carter :)

I'm really excited for that, because besides actually meeting Hayley Atwell, I love all of Peggy's clothes on the show! I actually got the concept art book for Christmas, and I'm really excited to start sewing all of Peggy's stuff for my mid-century dolls! I don't actually have Miss Ruthie yet, but I hope to by the end of the year.

I'm also planning on making a custom Stirling for the mid-century dolls, and he'll be similar to Sousa in Agent Carter, complete with American Girl's new arm crutches.

So here's a list of the characters my dolls are representing {in their own way}.

Emilie ~ Sherlock Holmes

Molly ~  Molly Hooper

Kit ~ John Watson

Ruthie ~ Peggy Carter

Stirling ~ Daniel Sousa

Maryellen ~ Angie Martinelli

Hope that was helpful :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rebeka as Oswin Oswald || Photo Shoot

   So I made this lovely dress for my future Clara doll, but her cousin Rebeka agreed to play Oswin for now.

   Here's a photo of Oswin from Pinterest...

The neckline is the hardest part. Uggghhh. I had to buy a special shirt pattern off Pixie Faire just to get it right.

So this is my new photography name! It is Doctor Who related, but if you watch our story blog, The Call, you might see something about this turn up eventually.

Becki, I think, does a very good job of cosplaying for her cousin. Oswin does have curly hair, of course!

I am not a dalek... I am human.

Souffle Girl.

I know the editing is kinda cheesy, but it's fun anyway.

I even found relatively similar shoes!

Poor Oswin is stuck in her dream world that she created because the truth is too hard to face!

"I am human..."

Asylum of the Daleks.

Face closeup.

Thanks for viewing! By the way, not that I've watermarked them all, you can pin them now! Yippee!


Willow and Rebeka

Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Look // New Name

Allons-y, guys!

   I'm really excited to reveal my newly re-constructed blog, The Time-ness of Dollduction!

   If you're familiar with Doctor Who and Sherlock, it is basically a WhoLock doll blog.

   For those of you who don't, WhoLock is like cross-overs between Sherlock BBC and BBC Doctor Who.

   So I hope that you like the redo. And don't worry, I will still do the photo-stories of the Sherlock episodes with the Detectives.

   Anywho, I hope to begin with posting some pictures soon! I've been constructing a Tardis, and have some lovely pictures of Molly outside in the snow {not with the Tardis}


   -W. Silver B.

   Postscript // I will try to redo the blog button asap!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

News Years Resolutions // by the Detectives

   Cheerio. Molly, remind me again why I'm doing this?

   Em, you're writing about your New Years Resolutions, remember?

   But I hate those.

   I know. But do them anyway.

   Blimey, well, alright then. I resolve to solve more cases - the stranger, the better. And to catch Moriarty. And to find out how to sneak Yank overseas without paying the import duties.

   You should try to be nicer to your brother, as well, Em.

   Oh, fine. And that I'll be nicer to my blithering brother, Mycroft.

   Sigh. I suppose that's the nicest you're going to get.

   You supposed correctly, Molly. You are doing well in the school of deduction.

   Thanks, Em. Anyway, I resolve to get my Miss Victory outfit shipped here from Jefferson. I also want to have my sister Jill come live with us.

   That will be swell. We're bursting at the seams as it is. Of course, my cousin Amy is due here within the next few months.

   Thanks for asking, Emmie.

   Don't mention it.

   Anyway, I also hope to begin teaching tap dancing classes with the soon to be on her way Miss Palmer. I hear tell she's going to open a studio with Marisol and teach dance lessons!

   Excuse my jubilation. Kit! Come over here! Distract Molly here while I escape, would you?

   Okay, I guess.... oh, hi. It's Kit.

   We were doing New Years Resolutions, Kit.

   Okay, I can do that too, I suppose. Well.... I resolve to start my newspaper, and hire writers. And I resolve to pester W. Silver B. to have my best friend Ruthie come live here.

   That's sweet.

   Thank you! And I resolve to purchase a camera! I know just the one, too! It's gorgeous! I can't wait!

   Well, that's all, goodbye! - Molly

   Bye! - Kit

   Oh, and goodbye from Emilie, she left. - Molly

-W. Silver B.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Mysterious Christmas // Short Photostory

"Isn't the tree lovely, Em?" Molly sighed with satisfaction as she gazed at their tree in apartment 221 B Baker Street.

"Quite," affirmed her red-haired roommate, Emilie.
 Emilie wasn't as interested in the pretty tree as she was in the wrapped gift. 
There hadn't been many mysteries for a while, so she was trying to deduce what Molly had wrapped for her in that box.

"About four centemetres square, and a lid," she mused.

But after a ten-minute lecture from Molly about trying to deduce your gifts,
 Emilie agreed to help decorate the tree.

"Quite a lovely tree, Molly, my dear. Quite lovely indeed."

Than to Molly's surprise, Emilie wrapped her arms around her in a tight hug. "Merry Christmas, Lovey," she whispered into her ear. "Thank you so much. For everything. And the scarf in the box. I'm sure it's lovely."

Molly grunted softly, but hugged Emilie back. "Merry Christmas."

"Oh, by the way, did I tell you that I invited my little cousin from England to come live with us? Her name is Amy Watson. I hope you don't mind." 
Molly sighed. "No, not at all." But she smiled anyway.

-Catch you later-

-W. Silver B.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I've Found Baskerville! Well, the Sherlock Version, Anyway

Note: If you are not a Sherlock fan, you will probably not understand this. If you are a Sherlock fan, you probably will.

But if you are not a Sherlockian, I have tried to search our Sherlock board to help you with the idea of Baskerville.

   The idea behind Sherlock's "The Hounds of Baskerville" was {of course} based off of Arthur Conan Doyle's, "The Hound of the Baskervilles". How do I know this? Research. And a rerun of an old Sherlock Holmes series about the Hound with Jeremy Brett.

This is probably the best shot of the moor I could find.

Here's another.

I know what you're probably thinking, "Wow, the Hounds of Baskerville? That's really jumping ahead of yourself, Willow!" and yeah, it is. I was just so excited when I found the perfect location for Baskerville, based of the Sherlock episode.

This photo was snapped by D I believe. This is supposed to be Sherlock {Emilie} atop of the rocks on the moor with Watson {Molly} looks at the map {unfortunately I forgot the map}.

"What's that?"
"That's Baskerville, Em."

I know this mostly doesn't look like a moor, but it's the best I've got. 
The second best is our backyard, and it doesn't look quite as cool.

Same rock Emilie was on, facing Baskerville's fence.

Same as above, but now facing the minefield.

Emilie's rock.

So now what? I will still do "A Study in Blue" first. Or at least the pilot first. But the Hound{s} of {the} Baskerville{s} could come next, because my doll room is not set up, but the Hounds story doesn't take place hardly in 221b Baker Street at all.

But I did have a fun idea for the storyline. In the original book, Watson did most of the investigating. So I thought that Emilie could break/sprain her ankle, and so Molly and Kit would have to do most/all of the fun stuff, though Emilie still tries to "poison" someone with the sugar and flash lights and noise at them in the secret lab. She could probably do that in a cast.
But then there's the Hound. I doubt I could spray-paint our little dog black. Don't tell my parents that even crossed my mind, kay? Thanks. But seriously, I'll just use a stuff animal. And hopefully it won't look too cheesy.

So what did you think of my Baskerville? Did it seem to work for you as the secret army base? Let me know!

-Catch You Later-

~ W. Silver B.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Study in Blue Idea // A "Pilot"

   So yesterday two days ago this morning I had a brilliant idea! Or at least I think it's brilliant.

   How about, before I do a fancy photostory for "A Study in Blue", I do a "pilot" episode.
   You know, doing a not-quite-the-real-thing photostory?

   With not-as-good-background/story/photography?
   See-how-people-will-like-it photostory?

   Well, I'll kind of have to anyway. My doll town is not set up yet. It may be a while, too.

   So meantime my doll are residing upstairs {and Kit, Emilie and Molly living on my dresser in my room} and I've set up measly ideas of what I think some of their houses should look like.

   It's a creative mess. I love those {don't you?}.

   Okay, back on track {stayin' alive!}. So the pilot photostory will most likely come into existence ..... maybe within the month {but don't quote me on it}.

   So gear up for some Sherlock-based fun! There will be the murder/suicide topic, but it can't really be helped.

   And I actually have a doll designated for Moriarty. He's an old Collector's Lane doll. Both D and I each had one {I gave one away}. And so we cut her hair and she is now a he and Moriarty {hey, that rhymed!}.

   And to tide you over, here's some shots I got of Emilie for "The Reichenbach Fall" idea.

I love how the lighting on both of these says "black and white" even though the photos are not b&w.

-Catch you later-

W. Silver B.

Postscript: Should I make a new blog button, or keep it?